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“Fairy Tale Fantasy” series

“Fairy Tale Fantasy” series.


Following bread crumbs…

Well, I think I am finished with my latest illustration, “Hansel & Gretel”…key word, THINK.  Sometimes, due to my late night/early morning studio hours, I can’t really tell if a particular painting/illustration is really finished.  My eyes like to literally, focus on the subject matter before me and lose any visual filters that would flag any glaring issues (shading/color/highlights, etc).

I am always elated when I do finish a new piece.  However, I usually like to “sleep” on it before I pull the proverbial trigger and scan/format and send off to my printer bloke.  Not sure if the sleep deprivation from late studio hours, taking care of two little kidlets during the day and running/training for my next half marathon is a factor.

Anyhow, I am on cold medication and feel like I am floating on a medicine cloud, looking down upon myself.


Cinderella prints…

….are FINALLY ready!  After weeks of attempting to get prints of my “Cinderella” painting, I finally dragged myself to my printing bloke and got 8×10 prints and smaller 5×6.5 for handmade greeting cards.

I specifically paint in 8×10, due to the size constraints of my home scanner…but I HAD to paint “Cinderella” in a larger 12×16 size so I could hang the original in my home.  Ever since I was a little girl, “Cinderella” was my favorite fairy tale story, so it just made sense.

The 8×10 prints are now available on my Etsy store: Purple Eggplants,  and “Ever After Scrapbooks” in Vista, CA.

Happy Friday!

Erin (aka The Purple Eggplant)

The 2012 San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Well, yesterday I managed to set a PR (that’s a personal record for those non-running blokes out there) at the San Diego Rock’n Roll Half Marathon.  I was a little disappointed that I missed my personal goal of 2:15:00, by 2:11, but I think I did well considering I started to experience severe stomach cramping at mile 9.5.

The night before, I sat in front of my sewing maching to create a little felt Gnome fella for the front of my running top.  So, with my seam-ripper in hand, I methodically hand ripped approximately six million tiny stitches to remove the mushroom I had double-stitched the week prior.

Despite my shin splint agony and tummy troubles, I feel pretty good.  My hubby (he is insane) ran the whole 26.2 miles of manic manliness.  I couldn’t be prouder of his hard work and dedication the past 8 months training, eating like a long-haul truck driver and meticulous marathon research.

Needless to say, I am going to take a few well-deserved days off to recover and start a new painting.

Happy Monday!