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Team Hockman…



“BEFORE”-Here we are before our 13.1 miles along the coastline of Carlsbad, CA.

Today I did something a bit insane…with the help of three of my friends and the ‘running dust vibes’ from our well-wishing friends and family.  I know it wasn’t the best idea running a half marathon in the cold, January drizzle with the flu; but I refused to give-up.  I thought of Kathleen Leone (owner and mama to all the farmyard babies of Hockman Ranch) and how she tirelessly works in cold/rainy/snowy weather when she is sick/sore/tired and wanted to show her she is not alone.

I may not have earned a PR (Personal Record) today, but I did not give-up, stop, walk or feel sorry for myself.  Instead, I focused on the animals that need help, Kathleen’s solid work ethic and just finishing the best I could.  Today was not my best race, but it DID feel pretty good running with an adorable chicken and website on my back amidst 10,000 runners wondering who the heck “Hockman Ranch” was.  Even if a few people actually visit the website, it was worth it.   The smiles, giggles and questions about our outfits was a great way to share and showcase Hockman Ranch’s resident animals and keep our spirits high.

Running on pure will.  Setting aside my own comfort was something I would gladly do for a friend with a selfless cause.

The prints of “Merlin” will continue to be sold on my Etsy site, with 100% of the sales going directly to Hockman Ranch.


Erin (aka The Purple Eggplant)


Detail WIP of “The Key”…


Last night was productive; in that I was able to do more work on my evolving ‘Sketch Fest’ illustration and start a new spring blouse made from vintage eggplant fabric I won in an Ebay auction. Pretty impressive considering I was on allergy meds. Gesh.

The Key…


“The Key”-Work-in-Progress…

I finally got some studio time today after weeks of “artist block”…wretched. After a period of creative funk, I had a burst of inspiration from Sketch Fest 32 and the prompt, “the Key.” From the random keyword (yes, I pun), I drifted into the fairy tale zone and illustrated a scene from “The Witch in The Woods,” a lesser known old fairy tale.

Art with a “Purpose” and giving-back…

Art with a “Purpose” and giving-back….

Art with a “Purpose” and giving-back…

“Merlin” was painted exclusively for M&L Hockman Ranch, a farm sanctuary located in Colton, Oregon. All sales of this print will go to the feeding, shelter and care of Merlin and his farm friends.
I am an animal lover, advocate of organic farming, giving-back and helping those that make a difference in the world.

8×10 professionally printed prints of “Merlin” are available on my Etsy store.  100% of sales will be donated to Hockman Ranch.

For more information about M&L Hockman Ranch, please visit their website at: