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The evolution of a fairy village…

NewFairyHouse13 copy

Last year I started a project in my side yard next to our herb/veggie garden with my children.  Since we have such a tiny back yard, there is minimal room and I wanted to have a special place where my small children can play outside.  We had an unsightly sloped ‘dead space’ along side the patio and I was tired of having mini mud slides each time it rained.  With a shovel in hand, I began ‘carving’ the dirt and sculpting the foundation for a fairy castle, complete with double streams leading into mosaic tiled pools.  I didn’t have a ‘blue print’ per se, but an idea in my mind.  Since the whole fairy house concept is based upon an organic and natural flow, it is perfect for small children not accustomed to measuring and precise lines.

I made buckets of quick dry cement and hand applied thin layers of cement and mini river rocks to create a ‘natural’ landscape and rock formations.  We had left-over stone tiles from our remodel and I utilized cheap cement stepping stones to make the foundation of multi-elevation castle wings.  An ornate wrought iron plant trellis was transformed into the center tower and open-air throne room and purple, solar-powered twinkle lights were woven to the top.

We spent months adding little sea shell mosaics with the bits and pieces we collected along the beach and sea glass treasures for stained glass windows.  Every time we go to the park to play, or find stray twigs along the road they go into the ‘fairy castle’ building collection.  I enjoy this process of bonding, exploration and upcycling found objects around the house.

For example: a cardboard mailer tube is the turret of a castle, a beer cap is a platter for the fairy banquet, a nut shell a bowl, bird feathers the roofing thatch, etc.  My children and I find so many items every where we go and it helps them ‘see’ the world in a different way.  I grew-up in nature playing outside building fairy houses, sculpting in the dirt and natural clay on our property, weaving baskets out of vines; and just taking the time to ‘be.’

I will be doing a conceptual break-down of my castle over the next few months, but wanted to share pictures of our troll bridge that I made out of Sculpey clay, rocks, sticks and cork.  The troll is still being sculpted and will sit under the bridge.  The picture on the top is one of the small gnome cottages along side the castle I made from the cardboard mailer tube and rocks.

Erin Hogan © 2013

Erin Hogan © 2013

Playing with my children is the best part of being a mommy.  I have been blessed with this gift of time with them and the memories they are making…priceless!


Even fairies need a beach house…


One of the many fairy dwellings in my yard.