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W.I.P. Guardian Angel series


After I completed my year and a half long “Fairy Tale Fantasy” series a few months back; I started outlining my “Angel” series debuting in 2013. I’ve always believed in angels and was raised with the underlying spiritual understanding of praying to my Guardian Angel at night. I’ve followed my love and belief in my own guide and decided to paint my series based upon sleeping babies and children. Earlier last year, my little boy was scared of the dark and was having some issues with nightmares so I painted him sleeping with his angel protecting him. I hope you enjoy my latest journey into the realm of angelic and spiritual influence.


First Tree Stump Sculpture

First Tree Stump Sculpture.

Monster Fingers…


I just took a quick picture of my completed watercolor and ink illustration before I scan and watermark it. I usually place drawing tools on my WIP as a detour for cyber swipers…but decided to be a little quirky with the pen placement. Hey, it’s fitting. I am deciding if I will sell prints, or sit on this one for a year or two.

…and visions of sugar plums danced in my head…


Just a quick picture of my completed “Sugar Plum Fairy”. I know there will be more tweaking (for shadows, highlights, etc.), but for now, I am sticking a fork in it.

“The Sugar Plum Fairy” W.I.P.


I’ve been cyber MIA the past few weeks due to the holiday madness (cookie baking, shopping, shipping, eating vast quantities of cookies, painting, sewing and the occasional nap. This weekend, I participated in Sketch Fest #31 and decided to chose a Christmas-esque prompt. I am also five weeks away from running my half marathon to help raise awareness and money for Hockman Ranch, a sanctuary for abused/rescued farm animals. So, between running a household, raising two small kidlets, running my business and just literally, running….I am tired.