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A Promise…

A Promise….


“The Messenger”

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014


She speaks in silence-
void of mouth,
Robbed of sound.
Yet, her soul screams volumes:
…if only you listened.
Her heart flutters as her wings;
through the blinking starlit eyes
…coldly watching in the night.

She follows you,
like the moon…
drawn to your light.
Lured by your promises,
to love, to feel, to live.
To see the “Truth”-
concealed within…

She brings messages of Hope and Faith
Transformed in new life.

For her wings will unfold,
…as her noisy soul endures,
Inside her mouthless shell,
Yes, her Truth shall be told.

-Erin R. Hogan ©2014
(Original artwork and poetry by Erin Hogan)

Sleeping Santa (work-in-progress)

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014

It isn’t even Halloween, but I felt the intense urge to do an illustration of Santa. I’ve had this image burning into my head for MONTHS. I kept thinking of this jolly old elf sleeping on his soft chair by the fire, under a comfy quilt, holding his white cat (Snowball). Since it has been a blast-furnace, Africa-hot with record-breaking heat and no rain in sight; I was dreaming of snow, snuggling by a fire and the holidays.

Things have been a bit busy the past few months with marathon training (seriously, it is like having a part-time job that makes you ravenous, exhausted and sore). However, last week I had a running accident on a nature trail and ended-up taking a bad fall fracturing my knee (of course it happened RIGHT in front of a high school photography class). Long story short, while I heal; I will be focusing on creating new art, growing bone and working on my children’s book. Happy October!