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W.I.P. Progress on commission piece…


I forgot to post my W.I.P. update on Friday from my studio block earlier that morning.  This is the far right corner and only 1/3 of the total composition.  I haven’t worked this large (full sheet 22×30 inches) since college.  So far, I am really feeling the energy from the family and the story behind this painting.  I am getting ‘lost’ in this piece and cannot believe I get to do this as a profession.  I feel completely blessed!


W.I.P. detail


This is a work-in-progress detail of a full sheet private commission I am working on. I am thrilled to be creating a large painting for a family and honored to be replicating a concept based from an actual tattoo on the husband’s arm.

“The Sweetest Thing” W.I.P.


When I was a little girl, I used to want a pet skunk. I loved skunks so much, I used to draw pictures of them, I wrote a book when I was in 3rd grade called “Little Sybil Skunk” and slept with my stuffed animal skunk each night. I used to collect all things skunk and cried when I saw them dead on the side of the road. I like to think of these nocturnal stinkers as “kitties with a kick”. They know how to protect themselves, they are spunky little creatures and they can hold their own when necessary. I adore them for so many reasons…on so many levels.