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I just realized I haven’t been on my page for nearly three years. Life has a strange way of changing suddenly…and rerouting our journey to a completely different existence. It is interesting how the deception and darkness of one individual can impact the lives of others. It has taken me a few years to finally accept it, surrender it and move forward with gratitude.

While I have been absent from my writing and creating new artwork the past three years, my life has emerged into something quite different. Surviving a long, draining divorce, recovering from a broken knee, disappointment, betrayal, heartache, raising two children as a single mom, piecing together my life, working on rebuilding a new career, returning to graduate school and realizing just how strong I am.

I graduate with my Masters of Science in Psychology in February, as well as wrapping-up my BCBA coursework, working two jobs, focused on my children and I am tired. Even through the sleep deprivation, hours of reading, researching, writing research papers and taking care of single parenting (for the most part) like a boss; I am doing it! Every day brings me closer to my professional, educational and personal goals and I am excited! I can finally see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and things are finally falling into place.

My personal misfortune has brought forth a new purpose. Through my darkest times, I have found happiness through helping children with Special Needs and Autism Spectrum Disorder, focusing on implementing applied behavioral/psychological-based therapies, using my art to communicate with children, rediscovering myself, and relishing my solitude the past few years. I have learned without ‘silence’ and contemplation, one cannot grow or ‘hear’ our calling. So, I reflect upon the past three years with a renewed perspective…and gratitude. I am now grateful for the struggles and sorrow, because without it, I wouldn’t have found myself, my voice, my profession and new life.

Happy Thanksgiving!





Sleeping Santa (work-in-progress)

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014

It isn’t even Halloween, but I felt the intense urge to do an illustration of Santa. I’ve had this image burning into my head for MONTHS. I kept thinking of this jolly old elf sleeping on his soft chair by the fire, under a comfy quilt, holding his white cat (Snowball). Since it has been a blast-furnace, Africa-hot with record-breaking heat and no rain in sight; I was dreaming of snow, snuggling by a fire and the holidays.

Things have been a bit busy the past few months with marathon training (seriously, it is like having a part-time job that makes you ravenous, exhausted and sore). However, last week I had a running accident on a nature trail and ended-up taking a bad fall fracturing my knee (of course it happened RIGHT in front of a high school photography class). Long story short, while I heal; I will be focusing on creating new art, growing bone and working on my children’s book. Happy October!


I created this latest painting on a whim this week while finishing another piece with the theme, “Frustration.” Since I was in the ‘zone’ and delving into emotions using visual communication, I decided to do “Sorrow.”
Speaking of sorrow; if this sinus infection doesn’t go away soon I will fall into the pit of despair…

A Promise…

A Promise….

The journey…

The journey...

…is exhausting at times. Waiting for a reply. Waiting for validation. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. While I wait for a an answer from a faceless art director, life and Universe; I can only feel a bit isolated in my own feelings of: fear, anxiety, elation, hope and anticipation. As an unknown artist, sometimes, the waiting (to be ‘seen’) is the worst part of the struggle. You put your heart and soul on a piece of paper and put it out into the cosmos…waiting. Drowning in your own thoughts…while struggling to keep hope alive. On that note, I will post an updated progress of my “Mother Goose” to cheer myself-up. Having one of ‘those’ days.

“Mother Goose” (work-in-progress)

Just a quick picture of one of my current illustrations I am working-on. Happy Friday!

Eternal Love…

Eternal Love...

I still have more work to do on this piece (shadows/depth/tweaks here and there), and hope to have it wrapped-up by the end of the day so I can get to my printing bloke to make prints in time for Mother’s Day cards. (Yes, I broke my own rules and painted larger than 8×10 inches). Wishing everyone a happy Friday!