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Sleeping Santa (work-in-progress)

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014

It isn’t even Halloween, but I felt the intense urge to do an illustration of Santa. I’ve had this image burning into my head for MONTHS. I kept thinking of this jolly old elf sleeping on his soft chair by the fire, under a comfy quilt, holding his white cat (Snowball). Since it has been a blast-furnace, Africa-hot with record-breaking heat and no rain in sight; I was dreaming of snow, snuggling by a fire and the holidays.

Things have been a bit busy the past few months with marathon training (seriously, it is like having a part-time job that makes you ravenous, exhausted and sore). However, last week I had a running accident on a nature trail and ended-up taking a bad fall fracturing my knee (of course it happened RIGHT in front of a high school photography class). Long story short, while I heal; I will be focusing on creating new art, growing bone and working on my children’s book. Happy October!



I created this latest painting on a whim this week while finishing another piece with the theme, “Frustration.” Since I was in the ‘zone’ and delving into emotions using visual communication, I decided to do “Sorrow.”
Speaking of sorrow; if this sinus infection doesn’t go away soon I will fall into the pit of despair…

A Promise…

A Promise….

The journey…

The journey...

…is exhausting at times. Waiting for a reply. Waiting for validation. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. While I wait for a an answer from a faceless art director, life and Universe; I can only feel a bit isolated in my own feelings of: fear, anxiety, elation, hope and anticipation. As an unknown artist, sometimes, the waiting (to be ‘seen’) is the worst part of the struggle. You put your heart and soul on a piece of paper and put it out into the cosmos…waiting. Drowning in your own thoughts…while struggling to keep hope alive. On that note, I will post an updated progress of my “Mother Goose” to cheer myself-up. Having one of ‘those’ days.

“Mother Goose” (work-in-progress)

Just a quick picture of one of my current illustrations I am working-on. Happy Friday!

Eternal Love…

Eternal Love...

I still have more work to do on this piece (shadows/depth/tweaks here and there), and hope to have it wrapped-up by the end of the day so I can get to my printing bloke to make prints in time for Mother’s Day cards. (Yes, I broke my own rules and painted larger than 8×10 inches). Wishing everyone a happy Friday!


Sweetest child,
dry your tears..
come out into the light,
we yearn to see your little face,
to see you spread your wings and fly.

Little fae,
play your drum,
Bring forth a new day.
Spring has come,
to kiss your face,
embrace you with new life.

Sweetest child,
the world awaits
with open hearts and love.
…fly into her waiting arms,
little fairy child,
…you are finally here to stay!

Erin R. Hogan ©2014