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I just realized I haven’t been on my page for nearly three years. Life has a strange way of changing suddenly…and rerouting our journey to a completely different existence. It is interesting how the deception and darkness of one individual can impact the lives of others. It has taken me a few years to finally accept it, surrender it and move forward with gratitude.

While I have been absent from my writing and creating new artwork the past three years, my life has emerged into something quite different. Surviving a long, draining divorce, recovering from a broken knee, disappointment, betrayal, heartache, raising two children as a single mom, piecing together my life, working on rebuilding a new career, returning to graduate school and realizing just how strong I am.

I graduate with my Masters of Science in Psychology in February, as well as wrapping-up my BCBA coursework, working two jobs, focused on my children and I am tired. Even through the sleep deprivation, hours of reading, researching, writing research papers and taking care of single parenting (for the most part) like a boss; I am doing it! Every day brings me closer to my professional, educational and personal goals and I am excited! I can finally see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and things are finally falling into place.

My personal misfortune has brought forth a new purpose. Through my darkest times, I have found happiness through helping children with Special Needs and Autism Spectrum Disorder, focusing on implementing applied behavioral/psychological-based therapies, using my art to communicate with children, rediscovering myself, and relishing my solitude the past few years. I have learned without ‘silence’ and contemplation, one cannot grow or ‘hear’ our calling. So, I reflect upon the past three years with a renewed perspective…and gratitude. I am now grateful for the struggles and sorrow, because without it, I wouldn’t have found myself, my voice, my profession and new life.

Happy Thanksgiving!





A Promise…

A Promise….

“The Messenger”

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014


She speaks in silence-
void of mouth,
Robbed of sound.
Yet, her soul screams volumes:
…if only you listened.
Her heart flutters as her wings;
through the blinking starlit eyes
…coldly watching in the night.

She follows you,
like the moon…
drawn to your light.
Lured by your promises,
to love, to feel, to live.
To see the “Truth”-
concealed within…

She brings messages of Hope and Faith
Transformed in new life.

For her wings will unfold,
…as her noisy soul endures,
Inside her mouthless shell,
Yes, her Truth shall be told.

-Erin R. Hogan ©2014
(Original artwork and poetry by Erin Hogan)

Sleeping Santa (work-in-progress)

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014

It isn’t even Halloween, but I felt the intense urge to do an illustration of Santa. I’ve had this image burning into my head for MONTHS. I kept thinking of this jolly old elf sleeping on his soft chair by the fire, under a comfy quilt, holding his white cat (Snowball). Since it has been a blast-furnace, Africa-hot with record-breaking heat and no rain in sight; I was dreaming of snow, snuggling by a fire and the holidays.

Things have been a bit busy the past few months with marathon training (seriously, it is like having a part-time job that makes you ravenous, exhausted and sore). However, last week I had a running accident on a nature trail and ended-up taking a bad fall fracturing my knee (of course it happened RIGHT in front of a high school photography class). Long story short, while I heal; I will be focusing on creating new art, growing bone and working on my children’s book. Happy October!

“The Gift”

“The Gift” WMTheGiftSo, I finally finished one (of five) prompts for my “Enchanted Visions” artist submissions.  The prompt was “The Gift” and I decided to capture the sweet innocence of my friend’s little girl.  I adore portraiture (especially children) and at this point, I am not sure I will even make prints of her.  I’d rather include her in my children’s book (which I am writing), with a poem, entitled, “The Gift.”  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

“Shades of Blue”…

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014

“Sorrow”…and struggle

by Erin Hogan ©2014

by Erin Hogan ©2014