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Following bread crumbs…

Well, I think I am finished with my latest illustration, “Hansel & Gretel”…key word, THINK.  Sometimes, due to my late night/early morning studio hours, I can’t really tell if a particular painting/illustration is really finished.  My eyes like to literally, focus on the subject matter before me and lose any visual filters that would flag any glaring issues (shading/color/highlights, etc).

I am always elated when I do finish a new piece.  However, I usually like to “sleep” on it before I pull the proverbial trigger and scan/format and send off to my printer bloke.  Not sure if the sleep deprivation from late studio hours, taking care of two little kidlets during the day and running/training for my next half marathon is a factor.

Anyhow, I am on cold medication and feel like I am floating on a medicine cloud, looking down upon myself.


Posted by purpleeggplants on June 18, 2012

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