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“Forest Friends”-A meeting in the woods…


The tiny pitter-pat of feet danced upon moss and mushrooms as Abigail walked through the woods along the creekside path…


“The Love Bugs”-a mini illustration

by Erin R. Hogan ©2014

“Cousins”-a work-in-progress portrait

A few months back I started sketching the composition for this piece from a photo of two (then) toddler cousins. One of my best friends shared this photo a few years back and it really inspired me. She told me they were looking for fairies and it reminded me of my own discoveries during dusk as a little girl.

A new painting…a new year

A new painting...a new year

I know it’s been a bit quiet around here lately…but I have been ‘dabbling’ in my art in the midst of the holiday madness. It is over. Whew! I’ve never been happier to start a new year and set some new goals, as well as create new art.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and inspired 2014.
Erin Hogan (aka The Purple Eggplant)