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“Max” (detail of commissioned Spirit Guide portrait)

I am currently wrapping-up my second Spirit Guide portrait of a little boy admiring the full moon and a dragonfly (representing his mother). He calls her “dragonfly” in Korean and I was really moved by the background behind the symbolism.

I’ve always loved portraiture. I especially love capturing the eyes of a baby/child and the sweet little features and contours of their cheeks.

I’ve really bonded with this particular piece on many levels and I cannot wait for this little boy to receive his portrait this week.
I feel honored and blessed to be part of this little one’s spiritual journey.


The Turtle Taxi (poem and illustration by Erin R. Hogan)

The Turtle Taxi (pom and illustration by Erin R. Hogan)

The Turtle Taxi

‘Neath the shady ferns,
where the mossy things grow.
There’s a busy little turtle,
That shuttles to-and-fro.

He carries stranded snails,
That have run out of foamy slime,
A frog with a sprained ankle,
and bugs that are short on time.

If a fae is ever stranded
With a torn, or broken wing.
She hails the turtle taxi
with her flute’s urgent ring.

Her taxicab is summoned
He scurries deft and swift-
Arriving to the rescue
To offer up a lift.

The Gnomes that need a transport
To far-dwelling kin.
The aching elder elves,
With a pain in their shin.

He is always on duty…
Plodding through the night.
Guided by the stars
and the soft glow of moonlight.

When the moon is hidden
by a foggy, cloudy haze.
Lightening bugs with gather
and lead him through the misty maze.

His fares are only berries,
Truffles, leaves and sprigs of sage,
Clover is his favorite
form of herbal working wage.

His back can lift and seat
a rather hefty mouse,
a lost baby skunk,
or, a wee one’s injured pet grouse.

If you ever see a turtle
With an odd assortment on his back,
It’s the turtle taxi working
For his next meal or a snack.

Erin R. Hogan © 2013