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The Peacock Princess (WIP)


In addition to starting my final fairy tale illustration and three other works-in-progress (aka W.I.P. for those of you wondering if I was referring to a “white ink pen,” “wrinkled Irish pinkie,” or some random art phrase coined in the dark little coffee shops of hipster haven central), I am painting a fantasy portrait inspired by one of my best friends. To soften the proverbial blow of turning 40, or “20+20” as I like to say; I wanted to celebrate her beauty. I have yet to decide if she has sold her soul to Botox (kidding, Andrea), or bathes in Oil of Olay daily. Regardless, I hope she enjoys her portrait and new decade in her life.


The Raven and the moon…


I decided to finish my miniature ink drawing that I started yesterday morning for Sketch Fest #29. Perhaps the full moon has inspired me to squeeze in some studio time instead of recovering from last weekend’s festivities and owl fae faire antics.

Sketch Fest 29


Since I was away from home this weekend with the Fall Faire and my cousin’s 40th Halloween bash, I decided to pack light.  This morning (despite my wicked whiskey hangover) I busted-out my 2.5x 3.5 inch trading cards and trusty .005 Micron ink pen and spent 38 minutes to create my interpretation of “the Raven.”.   Happy (almost) Halloween!

The Sand Man detail WIP from my “Coffee Shop in Fairyland”. ..


I forgot to post a quick update from last night’s studio session. I also thought today was Friday…

Even fairies need a beach house…


One of the many fairy dwellings in my yard.

“Coffee Shop in Fairyland”…

…there is a place where all fantasy creatures gather to relax, gossip about the latest fairy tale characters, enjoy their mouse milk mochas, lizard saliva lattes, and munch on a few magic beans. ‘Starlucks Coffee’ has the best snail foam, live music from the cricket quartette and hipster Gnome baristas. Some ‘Starlucks’ regulars include the Sand Man (with his peppermint hot cocoa) and the Tooth Fairy (with her triple hazelnut almond milk latte). Come pull-up a mushroom and stay for a while…

Completed “Grandma’s Rocket Chair”…


Instead of taking the night off (aka watching HGTV and partaking in a glass of wine followed by a face plant into bed) I decided to finish my illustration from last month’s “Sketch Fest.” I cannot believe this painting has taken over 40 hours. I really really need to remind myself to keep my dimensions to 8×10, and/or under. P.S. I think this is sort of a prophetic self portrait of myself in about 45ish years from now…minus the dentures. I floss daily and suffered through 4 years of braces. The toofers shall stay.