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“Treasure” W.I.P….


By Erin Hogan

Just a quick cell picture of a work-in-progress of a very happy little sprite greeting the day.  Happy Friday!


Detail of fairy portrait


I had a productive studio block this morning.  I did a lot of over painting, ink and shadows on the right portion of my current fairy portrait.  I am tingling with anticipation over her!

Studio time=personal bliss


I am back to work on my spring fae portrait this morning with my new studio kitty, Miss Sophie.  We rescued her from a local animal rescue group and have fallen in love.  Be on the lookout for a new painting with a sweet grey kitten!

Portrait W.I P.


Just taking a quick picture of another work-in-progress of a portrait I’ve been yearning to do for over a year now.  This piece is a 16×20 inch fairy portrait on 400 pound Arches cold press paper.

Com(mission) Completed!

Com(mission) Completed!

Last week I finished my full sheet watercolor commission and delivered it to my client. As I finished the last few details, I couldn’t help but feel elated. I have been working on this particular piece for a little over three months and put my heart and soul into each brush stroke.
It was indescribable seeing the look on the family’s faces as they saw it in-person for the first time. I feel extremely honored to create a symbolic portrait for this young family and hope it makes them happy each time they see it.

W.I.P. of ‘Guardian Angel’ series…

W.I.P. of 'Guardian Angel' series...

I just completed my commission and have resumed work on my ‘Guardian Angel’ series. I started this particular piece (pictured above) last year and am really looking forward to capturing the innocence of sleeping children and babies.

This new series will be done in a softer/muted palette and explore the angelic realm. I’ve always believed in angels and feel compelled to share this spiritual aspect of my art.

Commissioned art (of your own child/loved one) is available for sale on my Etsy store (Purple Eggplants).

I hope you enjoy my new art!
Erin (aka The Purple Eggplant)

W.I.P. of “Coffee Shop In Fairyland”…


I decided to give my commission a mental break this morning and worked on a portrait of my niece and my Sketch Fest prompt “coffee shop in fairyland.”
There is a poem to accompany the completed illustration…I was compelled to write.  My inner poet and coffee addict decided we needed to share.
Happy Friday!