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“Walter” and his nut (a work-in-progress)

Walter never really liked to share…in fact, when he would find a nut; he would tremble from fear of another squirrel stealing it. The very thought of another critter coveting his nut drove him to the brinks of salivating, panting wildlife insanity. Don’t ever go near Walter when he is holding his nut…


Teenage Angst and other ramblings…

Teenage Angst and other ramblings...

I recently stumbled upon my high school sketch journal (yes, still working on my studio organization…don’t judge) and started flipping through the yellowing pages of my adolescent musings and doodles.
This sketch in particular, made me feel a little sad. The words are lyrics from a song (from a musician/tape long forgotten in the depths of my mind)…and really made me think about that particular period in my life:

“In this gloomy damaged place,
the wind screams up the stairs.
I wish we weren’t conceived in violence.
The magic is broken..
…There’s nothing at all-
we feel nothing at all…”

I just remembered that was during a dark time in my life while my parents were at the height of their marital demise. I was alone in my room going to one of my far away places using my art as an escape. I never realized how important art was until now. Art is and has always been my solace.

“Holly” my first fae of winter…

As I yearn for cooler days and a chill in the air; I started randomly sketching last week and “Holly” evolved. I really can’t complain living in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S., however, the ‘perfect’ year-round weather gets old.
Going back to my more ‘abstract’ roots, I free-formed the organic shapes and contours of her face and vines woven throughout her hair. I’ve always loved portraiture and created a holly-laden fae maiden, which I appropriately named “Holly.”
I am also working on a few new fairies of winter, so keep checking-in.

“Afternoon Tea” (a work-in-progress)…

I have been busy the past few weeks tending to two sick kidlets, doing the work widow thing and even squeezed-in a half marathon last Sunday. In spite of my runny nose, volunteering at various school/scouting activities, running at the crack-of-doom and icing my aching shins; I still managed to start a new Autumn-inspired illustration. (Do I hear a ‘yay’ for coffee?)
Since the weather here is pretty much hot/dry Santa Anas and sunshine, I decided to just focus on the memories of ‘real’ Autumn and go with it. I am actually yearning for the crisp mornings, the smell of wood burning stoves, ‘Earth’ and rain…

“Autumn’s First Frost” by Erin Hogan

“Halloween Magic”

By Erin Hogan ©2013

My eyeballs hurt…


…more progress was made on my baby acorn fairy.  I added the frost (shimmer) to the forest below.