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My personal artistic journey…in pictures! (1983-2013)

This week, a few of my artist friends in our ‘Fantasy Artist Support’ group were exploring our artistic journey. Some have been feeling a little stagnant, depressed and ‘stuck’ in a creative rut. Suddenly, a thread emerged (posting progression pictures of our artwork spanning a few years, decade, or even more), which made me think of my own artistic journey.

As artists, we are our own worst critic and tend to paint ourselves into a dark little corner, so to speak. Our ‘image’ is only as good as we project. The subjectivity of art in general tends to put some of us in a precarious emotional place, as we do not know where we fit in, how we are perceived and if we are even ‘good.’ What IS good? The paintings we create when we are first graders are considered ‘masterpieces’ and proudly showcased on our family refrigerator. As a child, our art is our own perception of our real (and imagined) world(s) and pure imagination. There is no expectation. There are no ‘rules’, wrong color, self-imposed emotional barriers, or ego to get in the way. There is an innocent element of wonder….of magic!

What many artists, including myself, tend to forget over the years is we are ALWAYS improving. With each painting, sketch, composition and illustration we are growing as artists and expanding our abilities. I’ve been pretty ashamed of some of my earlier works and would most likely fake my own death than post them, but here it goes…this is a little series of illustrations I have put together to visually chronicle my own personal journey. Be kind to yourself and embrace that inner child…she is begging to create and share her world!

Princess Beth

One of my first fairy tale illustrations. 1982/3 First Grade (7 yrs. old)

by Erin Hogan © 1993 (17 years old)

by Erin Hogan © 1993 (17 years old)

by Erin Hogan © 2006

by Erin Hogan © 2006

By Erin Hogan © 2013 (37 years old)

By Erin Hogan © 2013 (37 years old)

Posted by purpleeggplants on April 24, 2013
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  1. 04/24/2013

    cool! you can even see your distinct style i your 1993 art! very neat. (btw, we are the same age! lol)

    • 04/24/2013

      Thank you Deanna! My 1993 dragon illustration was part of our yearbook…I cringe when I see geraniums by the ocean…what was I thinking? It was so odd. P.S. I like to think of myself as 27+10. 🙂

  2. 04/26/2013

    Great post. I love to see the progression. The earliest artwork that I saved was from my teenage years. Don’t know if my mom has earlier works. I’ll have to ask. My distinctive style also was clearly visible by my teens. I like the flying dragon in the first pic.


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