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“Little Poppy Sprite” by Erin Hogan © 2011

As an artist, sometimes it takes time to really “see” what a painting was lacking to bring it to life. For example, my “Little Poppy Sprite” painting from a few years ago sat in my portfolio…waiting. She was longing for ‘something’, but I just wasn’t sure what she needed. As many of my creations; they sit in the dark solitude of my portfolio…waiting for a fresh perspective. Time. I needed time to to really “see” the energy and distance to realize I wasn’t really understanding the critical element(s) it was lacking.

Just as our lives, time can give us new perspective on a situation, relationship, or paradigm. How do you see the world? Is it the same from when you were a child? Most likely not. Our experiences, relationships, surroundings and time are elements which influence our personal realities. The gift of time has enlightened me in so many ways. Lack of time. The management of time. Time alone. Time to reflect….etc.

For example, I have learned there is no need to ‘rush’ through a painting just to say I am ‘finished’. It has taken me nearly my entire life to honor who I really am and what I was put on this Earth to do. The element of fear has held me back and it took many years to embrace this realization. It wasn’t my “time” per se, until I worked through my doubts, fears and anxieties of putting my soul onto paper for the world to see. Art and life are ever-changing and evolving with each moment in time. Each day brings change whether we realize it, or not. As I continue onward in my journey in life and my art career; I am humbled, awakened and reminded by the concept and fragile gift of time.

Posted by purpleeggplants on April 12, 2013

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