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“Finders, Keepers!” by Erin Hogan

Have you ever wondered

where the little things go?

When you lose a button,

or a needle to sew?

Have you ever been playing a game

of Scrabble at night,

and “lost” the “E” tile

which causes a fight?

Have you ever been fixing

a squeaky old door,

and the screw you were needing

vanished into thin air from the floor?

Has your coin purse gone missing?

Your postage stamp AWOL?

The house key is hidden,

Where’s the clasp for my shawl?!

Grandma’s pearl earring,

the clock-winding key,

a thumb tack…

…a thimble

….a pink crystal bead.

The odds and the ends,

…all gone astray.

Right under your nose,

in the light of the day.

If you haven’t guessed,

Or have a faint clue.

There’s more to the story

I swear, it is true!

It’s the wee little folk

Who live in your walls.

They hide all your tooth picks

and the shoes for your dolls.

They scavenge,

They pilfer, they spy and they sneak…

…they hide bobby pins,

even now as I speak!

The wee ones are clever,

They scamper like mice,

They abscond with game markers…

…even the dice!

If you listen real careful,

In the dark of the night,

You’ll ear a wee voice

Mocking your plight.

The wee ones that hoard all the things that you “lose”,

Chant a wee phrase with vague little clues.

If you guess where they’re hiding,

And take back what is “theirs”…

…they will humbly serve you;

and learn how to share.

Erin R. Hogan © 2013

Posted by purpleeggplants on March 22, 2013
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  1. 03/11/2014
    Julie Potter

    Adorable poem and sculpture!


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