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Letting go…


The hardest part of painting watercolor is the concept of “letting-go” and surrendering to the fates of pigment, technique and plain luck. As I approached the next stage in my latest painting; I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach and dizzy/surreal spiritual morphine seep into my body. My paint brush began to create a sunset, and my mind simply “let go”. It is difficult to explain this physiological phenomena to an individual that isn’t an artist; however, that is my interpretation. No two sun sets, or sun rises will ever be the same. Thus, there are no expectations to create the “perfect” or “ideal” depiction of this daily miracle. Letting-go one’s expectations of such is the secret of capturing the beauty.

Posted by purpleeggplants on March 8, 2013
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  1. 03/8/2013

    Well said and good luck!

  2. 03/19/2013

    Letting go of expectations about life is also advisable 😉 It never does what you think it will just like watercolor LOL.

    • 03/20/2013

      Absolutely, Ann! I am getting wiser and learning to listen to myself…and trust my own instincts.


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