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Portraiture and perceptions…


How do YOU perceive yourself? If an artist were to paint your portrait, what defining facial features would you want showcased? It is interesting to think of such open-ended scenarios when attempting to capture the “essence” of a human subject. For example, when I painted my daughter’s fairy portrait (pictured above) I emphasized her large, blue eyes. When creating fantasy portraiture, compared to traditional/realist portraits, I always focus on my model’s dominant feature(s). I am not into tracing a light table version of a person. If that is the desired effect, fine. However, I personally feel it is not a true essence of one’s energy. If you want a picture for your photo album/wallet, fine…go to a photo studio and get snap shots. If you want something original, sentimental and magical…have an artist do a portrait. I’ve grown to love the portraits created by my fellow artist friends depicting memorial portraits of a loved one, the painting to announce the birth of a new baby, or any lifetime milestone. There is just something special about the human creating and capturing the likeness and life of another. Just my humble opinion.

Posted by purpleeggplants on November 23, 2012

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